Containing certified natural spring water. Ideal range for hair and skin disorders or if you just want that extra care. Thermal range consists of scalp mud baths, shampoos, skin protectors, hair loss treatments, volume treatments and hair masks. Thermal range by Emsibeth also has its own summer range which protects and treats hair + skin when exposed to the sun, chlorine and/or salt water. Thermal summer range is also ideal for people who love outdoor activities, sport and is stocked all year round in Australia.

Thermal by Emsibeth is SLES free, Sulphates free, Paraben free and enriched with Anti-Pollution Shield and Photo protection Extract substances ensuring the highest possible quality to all professional salons and their clients.

Sustainability is also at the forefront with all Thermal bottles made from a material of vegetable origin derived from sugar cane, an eco-friendly packaging, GREEN BIO-BASED PE which helps to reduce the amount of CO2 into the atmosphere.

Thermal Mud Baths are used to purify and cleanse scalps. The three different types ensure you cover all aspects of scalp disorders. Thermal Mud Baths are easy to use and are to be applied before shampooing becoming an excellent in-salon treatment and/or a maintenance product for home usage. Please remember to ALWAYS shampoo after applying any of the three Thermal Mud Baths.

Thermal shampoos are excellent scalp cleansers and treat any type of disorders which include dandruff, oily scalps, psoriasis or whether you just want that extra care.

There are eight shampoos to choose from!

The DETOX shampoo of Thermal is being loved also in the more regional areas of Australia where the water is harsher and damaging to skin and hair. The deep cleansing yet gentle action of the Thermal DETOX shampoo ensures maximum protection of the scalp and hair eliminating pollutants, excess minerals and any form of build-up. The Thermal DETOX category also consists of a conditioner and leave-in protective spray. The DETOX conditioner is lightweight and non-greasy, detangles and is suitable for all hair types. The DETOX leave-in protector spray is also lightweight creating a protective shield leaving the hair easy to manage, shiny and cleaner for longer.

Thermal is the first professional line that uses the power and effectiveness of Thermal Water and Clay, turning the salon into an actual modern and functional wellness centre. It restores theskin’s normal physiology in the presence of alterations, reinstating health and beauty.Thermal products by Emsibeth combine the best in performance, skin tolerability and efficiency,in a holistic protocol that involves the entire person.

The word SPA comes from the Latin Salus Per Aquam and means assuring health and beauty through the benefits of water. Today we use the word SPA to indicate a thermal place linked to the rituals of water and wellbeing.

Thermal Water from the Juno Baths which goes back to 1589 was recently studied scientifically to understand it extraordinary properties.  The spring is increasingly used for its exceptional emollient, soothing and reactivating cosmetic properties.

Its lukewarm mineral water with a temperature of 26.5°C at thesource, clear, transparent and odourless. It is sulphate-bicarbonate-calcium-magnesiac water. It stimulates superficial micro circulation, therefore it activates circulation in the scalp, it protects dry and sensitive skin prone to itching and it especially maintains the osmotic balance of the skin.Thermal Water is bioactive because it is particularly rich in ions, mineral salts and trace elements at quite high concentrations, as hydrogeological investigations have found that the Juno thermal water reaches the thermal basin directly from the Dolomites and the Lessini Mountains, through significantly deep fractures where it is heated by the earth, thereby creating a thermal aquifer.

Juno Thermal Water improves the hair’s beauty because it mineralises and hydrates thanks to the minerals and trace elements it contains (especially magnesium and potassium), making the scalphealthy because it stimulates blood circulation and soothes reddening and itching. Lastly it offers general wellbeing because it reawakens the nerve endings of the hair and head.The Thermal Water of the Juno Baths is certified by the Health Ministry as suitable and specific Water for the treatment of skin conditions and hair disorders.

Thermal range by Emsibeth. Made in Italy. With Love.

To create your own personal well-being ritual, complete with cleansing and treatments for application along the length of hair, all with Bioactive Thermal Water formulas. Each of our seven families is dedicated to supplying specific benefits.

Our Thermal Basis range seeks to PURIFY, OXYGENATE, REMINERALISE

Our treatments prepare the scalps for all the benefits of the ingredients in the range, such as clay, essential oils and Bioactive Thermal Water, present in all the formulas.

Our Thermal Sun range seeks wants you to LOVE YOURSELF ALWAYS, EVEN UNDER THE SUN

For hair exposed to the sun and subject to the stress caused by high temperatures, the benefits of Thermal Water, to protect the hair and restore correct hydration.

Our Thermal Well-Being treatments

The treatments in this range meet hair’s varying needs, restoring all its strength and natural beauty. The products provide moisturising, destressing, energising, detoxifying, volumising, rebalancing and revitalising treatments.

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