Thermal Balance 3 – Anti-dandruff Lotion


Regenerate, Oxygenate And Reduce Inflammation

Specific spa treatment for the wellbeing of weak hair with the tendency to fall out. Natural spa water, extracts of thyme, rosemary, grapes and the trichogenic complex help stimulate hair follicles counteracting hair loss and enhancing hair growth.

Cleanse hair with THERMAL ENERGIZE shampoo. Apply Energize Lotion 3-4 times per week during the impact phase for at least 3 months. When using as maintenance apply 2 times per week. Apply once a day in extreme cases of hair loss. In this case Energizing Lotion may be applied directly into scalp without washing hair. Equilibrium pH to be sprayed daily onto scalp.

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Spa treatment for the well-being of scalp and hair with ANTI-DANDRUFF thanks to the synergy of specific active substances ingredients it reduces flaking, helps to regenerate the skin barrier function, re-oxygenates the scalp, reduces the level of skin inflammation, combats the growth of bacteria harmful to the scalp. Professional formula.

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