Why should I choose a methodical Hair Cutting Training course in Perth?

Method is the key to maintaining quality in a cut. It brings discipline and clarity to the stylist which in return bring confidence. It’s this type of confidence which is experienced by the client and helps lift the level of the service.

Hair Cutting Training Perth held by Emsibeth and designed by Head stylist and Educator Renato De Felice. Renato’s aim is to improve the participant’s knowledge and approach to cutting hair. Method is important however understanding how to concretely use our senses also plays a major role.

Our exclusive AWARE METHOD PHILOSOPHY dedicates are great part of the training to improving your senses and acknowledging their role.

  • Can my hands see a cut?
  • Can my eyes feel a cut?
  • Do I have the correct sensitivity to be able to separate hair naturally respecting its own natural fall?
  • How can I improve my touch?
  • Can I see proportion with my hands?
  • Which procedure do I use to achieve this cut?

These are just some of the questions answered within all the Emsibeth in Australia’s Hair Cutting Training Perth and Cutting Courses which are held mostly at our training centre in Belmont, Western Australia

Hair Cutting Training

Participants of all levels are welcome to learn a new language which can help strengthen them as stylists. We learn to speak using the correct terminology of our craft. We are reminded at our Hair Cutting Training that you belong to a magnificent craft which requires continuous practice. Creatively and technically, hair is similar to carving wood. Each type needs to be approached differently. The cutting of jarrah is approached differently to the cutting of pine. The cutting of curly hair is approached differently to the cutting of straight hair. Of course, hair doesn’t end at straight or curly! There are many different hair types. Our courses help the participant to concretely understand each hair type and its approach.

Another extremely important aspect within a working salon is timing. Like all businesses, timing is essential to achieve profitable returns. Our Hair Cutting Training Perth will teach the participant to become efficient by learning to be disciplined with the steps of the haircut. Efficiency means to take the appropriate and necessary steps of each working area therefore eliminating unneeded steps which penalise timing. This also helps improve the fluidity of the weight flow of the cut.

With our hair cutting course, you will also learn haircut management. Results will become softer and more manageable. You do not need to rush to become quicker. The aim is to become concrete and have a genuine purpose to each movement and step of the haircut.

Simplicity of creation. Creation of simplicity.

Emsibeth in Australia look forward to meeting you at one of our courses!

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