The world of professional hair care products can seem complicated and overwhelming, with an enormous range of products to choose from. How do you know which products are right for your hair when there are so many choices available? It’s important to recognise that not all products will be good for your hair, and some can even be damaging if not suited to your hair type.

Choosing the right professional hair care products in Perth involves understanding your specific hair needs and finding products that match those requirements. We highly recommend seeking the guidance of a professional hair stylist when trying to find the right products for your hair. In our guide below, we share Contact Hair Services’ favourite brands and products to give you an overview of the vast variety of products and treatments available. 

Don’t hesitate to seek professional guidance from Contact Hair Services to make certain you’re choosing the right products tailored to your individual hair needs!

4 Tips for Choosing the Right Products

Choosing the Right Products
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Before we introduce our favourite brands and products, let’s start with our top four tips for choosing the right profressional hair care products in Perth.

Tip #1 Understand Your Hair Type

Understand Your Hair Type
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Identify your hair type to select the most suitable professional hair care products available in Perth. Whether you have curly, straight, thin, or thick hair, it’s crucial to choose products specifically designed for your hair type.

For example, if you have curly hair, look for products that provide moisture and definition to enhance your curls. On the other hand, if you have straight hair, opt for products that offer volume and shine without weighing your hair down.

Understanding your hair type will help you narrow down the vast array of professional hair care products in Perth and find the ones that cater to your hair’s unique needs, ensuring you achieve the best results.

Tip #2 Identify Your Hair Concerns

Hair Concerns 1
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To choose the right professional hair care products in Perth, it’s important to determine your specific hair concerns like dryness, oiliness, or damage and select products that target those issues effectively.

If your hair tends to be dry, look for hydrating shampoos and conditioners with ingredients like coconut oil or shea butter. For oily hair, opt for clarifying products that can help regulate oil production. In cases of damaged hair, seek out products containing proteins and vitamins to strengthen and repair.

Tip #3 Consider Ethical Practices

Ethical hair care products not only benefit your hair but also contribute positively to the planet and animal welfare. Making a conscious decision to invest in products that reflect your values promotes a more sustainable and compassionate approach to hair care. Prioritising ethical practices in your hair care routine can make a significant impact on both your personal values and the greater community.

Opt for brands like Ethé Vegan Hair Care, who prioritise ethical practices and guarantee that your hair care choices align with your ethical standards. By choosing products from brands like Ethé, you can support environmentally conscious practices and cruelty-free formulations.

Tip #4 Seek Professional Advice

Seek Professional Advice
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For expert guidance on selecting the right professional hair care products, consider seeking advice from reputable salons in Perth. At Contact Hair Services, you’ll have access to a wide range of products tailored to different needs and offer expert advice and workshops to help you make informed choices based on your hair type, concerns, and preferences. We make it our mission to make sure your hair gets the very best treatment it deserves. Checkout our products here.

Our 3 Favourite Hair Care Brands to Nourish and Enliven Your Hair

Our 3 Favourite Hair Care Brands to Nourish and Enliven Your Hair
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At Contact Hair Services, we only work with the highest quality hair care brands when it comes to caring for your hair. All our hairdressers are highly trained in professional hair products. They know how to identify your unique hair condition and how to recommend the best products for you. Below are our top three picks for professional hair care products in Perth.

#1 Emsibeth Cosmetics Professional Hair Care Products

We love the Emsibeth range of professional hair care products for the following reasons:

  • Their effective formulas deliver visible results, such as improved hair health, manageability, shine, and strength.
  • Their high-quality, nourishing ingredients are gentle yet potent.
  • Emsibeth offers a diverse range of products catering to different hair types, textures, and concerns.
  • Emsibeth products have pleasant fragrances and luxurious product textures/experiences.
  • Their products are sustainable, eco-friendly, and their ingredients and production processes are 100% ethical.
  • They use innovative technologies or proprietary blends that set their products apart.
  • They have a multitude of professional endorsements and stylist recommendations backing their products.
  • Their products create consistent performance and reliable results when you use the products regularly.

The Emsibeth Range

The Emsibeth Range
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Emsibeth’s products are formulated with high-quality ingredients to deliver effective results, whether you have dry, damaged, colored, or frizzy hair. Their range includes shampoos, conditioners, treatments, and styling products designed to nourish, repair, and style your hair to perfection. Emsibeth prioritises innovation and performance, ensuring that each product meets the highest standards of quality.

Below are some of our favourite products.

A Full Suite of Shampoos for Different Hair Types

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Emsibeth shampoos are gentle and rich cleansers formulated with oils like Argan Oil, Linseed Oil and/or Camellia Japonica Oil to add extraordinary softness, shine and body to damaged, stressed and sensitised hair. Their professional formulas soften your hair, leaving it supple, gleaming and easy to combe.  Their shampoos contain UV Filters that protect the hair structure and panthenol to give body and strength the hair fibre.

Your stylist at Contact Hair Services will recommend and use the right Emsibeth product for your hair.

A Full Suite of Conditioners for Different Hair Types

Emsibeth conditioners use innovative keratin-based formulas that revitalise your hair making it smooth, shiny and manageable. All conditioners are light and do not weigh your hair down.

Regenerating and Protective Systems

Emisbeth offers a protective product range to repair and restructure your hair fibres during treatments like bleaching, colouring, perming, ior straightening. When your stylist uses these products, your damaged hair will regain its strength, body, shine, silkiness and natural movement.

Deep Reconstruction

The Emsibeth Deep Reconstruction System repair and rebuild weak, damaged or damaged hair. Based on intelligent biomimetic keratin (IBK), they act in a targeted way to repair the most damaged and deteriorated areas of the hair fibre. Your hair immediately regains its vigour, shine, volume and strength.

Nourishment and Shine

The Emsibeth Nourishment and Shine products are treatments based on Argan Oil, Linseed and Camellia Japonica to give extraordinary softness, shine and body to damaged, exploited and sensitized hair.

Revitalising Reconstruction Treatments

Emsibeth offer vegan-friendly treatments for restoring your hair’s youth, vitality and bloom. It’s a complete salon treatment and home maintenance system that immediately bestows shine and softness for radiant hair that everyone will envy.

Cosmetic Colouring in Creams

The Emsibeth Intense Colour System technology gives your hair extraordinary, full colour and shine and is rich in a mix of active ingredients.

Permanent and Demi-permanent Cosmetic Colouring

Emsibeth’s permanent and demi-permanent colours contain a high concentration of pure pigments, which in just 10 minutes guarantee total coverage with intense and ultra-vibrant colours. It gives your hair shine, hydration and an extremely conditioning effect.

Colour Masks

Emsibeth offers toning, conditioning and revitalising masks for those who want to revitalise their colour or experiment with their look. In a few minutes, it gives added brightness and intensity to the shades of natural and coloured hair, leaving your hair shiny and soft and restoring the vibrancy and glow of its colour.

Bleaches – Unrivaled Blonde

Emsibeth’s ‘White-White System’ is the bleaching system that allows you to safely and quickly reach the highest levels of lightening, with the utmost respect for your hair structure. Any type of lightening becomes possible thanks to modular results and formulas enriched with special protective and conditioning active ingredients.

Frizz-Free Treatments

Emisbeth offers long-lasting professional treatments with keratin, for straight lines or curls that are finally manageable. The art of “frizz-free” begins in the salon with the right treatment to choose from among the long-lasting crease, the smooth without frizz, the curl without frizz, the “perfect smooth”. You can complete your care with their home maintenance products for hair that is finally manageable.

Waving Systems

If you love wavy hair, you’ll love these products! Emisbeth’s gentle waving system is ideal for all hair types, based on cysteamine and enriched with wheat proteins and lanolin, which protect and moisturise your hair. The formulation is free of ammonia and thioglycolic acid.

Styling and Finishing Products

How to Find the Right Professional Hair Care Products in Perth to Suit Your Hair 17

Emisbeth’s Style Proof range is perfect for playing with new looks whenever you want, with products that provide a full suite of styling needs.

#2 Ethé Vegan Professional Hair Care Products

If you love ethical and vegan-friendly hair care products, you’ll love the Ethé Vegan Hair Care irange Their premium quality products are ethically sourced and vegan-friendly, ideal if you want a more conscious hair care routine.

With a focus on plant-based ingredients, Ethé’s shampoos, masks, treatments, and styling aids cater to all hair types while steering clear of harsh chemicals and toxins. Experience nourished hair and protection from heat styling tools without the concern of parabens or sulphates. Switch to Ethé for a greener, cleaner approach to professional hair care that upholds both your hair health and ethical values.

Below are some of our favourite professional hair care products in the Ethe range.

For Vibrantly Strong Hair

Ethe’s ‘Repair’ range revitalises hair that has been damaged by time, chemical and mechanical aggression or styling. Its power comes from Amaranth Oil, which rebuilds the hair shaft and restores elasticity, softness and body.

Nourish with Love

This amazing range by Ethe takes care of dry hair, restoring silkiness and lightness. The secret of this formula lies in Almond and Shea Butter, which deeply nourish and protect the hair.

New Light for Hair

Sometimes hair just needs light. Ethe’s ‘Shine’ range has been created to fulfil this need. Thanks to the formula with Orange and Vitamin E, it prolongs and intensifies the brightness of coloured or dull hair.

Definition and Intense Hydration

To give your hair vitality, shine and definition to curly or wavy hair, Ethe’s Definition & Intense Hydration range is the perfect choice. With Mango Butter, Coconut Oil and Ocean Seaweed Sugars, it brings elasticity and intense hydration. It makes your hair look defined, light and frizz-free, even in the presence of humidity.

To learn more about Ethe’s products, go here.

#3 Thermal Professional Hair Care Products

We love Thermal products due to their equisite combination of essential oils, clay and bioactive thermal water. Founded in 2003, Thermal is the first line to have brought the effectiveness of thermal water and clay into professional haircare. They combine the wisdom of the water of the ancient Baths of Juno, whose properties have been known since Roman times, with modern science with formulas without SLES, without parabens. Thermal is made even more precious by two active ingredients: Anti-Pollution Shield and Photoprotection Extract that protect skin and hair from atmospheric pollution and the harmful effects of Blue-Ray.

Thermal offers extensive products that cover these three specific areas:

Purify, Oxygenate and Remineralise Your Hair

Thermal treatments prepare your skin for all the benefits of the line’s ingredients, such as clay, essential oils and bioactive thermal water, present in all formulas.

Recover from Sun Damage

For hair exposed to the sun or stressed by high temperatures, Thermal’s ‘Sun’ range protects the hair and restores the correct level of hydration.

Welness Treatments

Thermal’s Wellness Treatments range respond to the different needs of hair, restoring its strength and natural beauty. The products are divided into categories that cover moisturising, de-stressing, energizing, detox, volumizing, rebalancing and revitalizing treatments.

You can rely on all Thermal professional hair care products to:

  • Detoxify your hair by providing anti-pollution protection properties.
  • Densify your hair, by giving body to fine hair.
  • Balance excess sebum or dandruff.
  • Gently revitalise your scalp and hair.
  • Deeply hydrate your hair by moisturising and nourishing dry and dull hair.
  • Destress your scalp and hair.
  • Energise your hair, even preventing it from falling out.

Why Choose Contact Hair Services

Why Choose Contact Hair Services
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At Contact Hair Services (CHS), we bring two decades of passion for hair and a relentless drive to create innovative, distinctive hair designs supported by high-quality products. Founded by the De Felice family in 2004, CHS emerged after ten successful years in the international hair arena throughout Europe, particularly focusing on the Italian market.

Our journey began with salon ownership, international product distribution, manufacturing, stylistic education, and team construction. We have showcased our expertise at the prestigious COSMOPROF ITALY INTERNATIONAL EXPO multiple times, presenting live seminars and supporting various product companies.


CHS proudly serves as the exclusive importer of EMSIBETH COSMETICS, a comprehensive professional hair care range made in Italy. EMSIBETH COSMETICS is dedicated to enhancing well-being globally through superior hair care products.

Advanced Education Program

Our commitment extends beyond product distribution. We offer an advanced education program focused on the superior use of our products and the craft of hairdressing. Our primary objective is to support professional hairdressers and their salons in elevating their quality, image, and abilities. We achieve this by providing inspirational stylistic training that enhances their technical skills and service standards.

Personalised Approach

At CHS, we recognise that each salon has its own unique identity and goals. We tailor our approach to meet the specific needs of individual salons, ensuring personalised support that aligns with their vision.

CHS Mission: Vision + Emotion + Education

Our mission is simple yet profound: Vision + Emotion + Education. We believe in inspiring creativity, fostering emotional connections, and providing top-notch education to empower hairdressers and elevate their craft.

Choose Contact Hair Services for:

Expertise and Innovation: Decades of experience and a drive for innovation.

High-Quality Products: Exclusive importer of EMSIBETH COSMETICS.

Comprehensive Training: Advanced education programs to enhance skills.

Personalised Support: Tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of each salon.

Commitment to Excellence: A mission to improve the standard of service in salons.

Experience the difference with Contact Hair Services and let us help you achieve excellence in hair care and styling.

By choosing Contact Hair Services, you can have confidence in the quality and efficacy of the products being used on your hair. This dedication to excellence sets us apart and guarantees that you receive exceptional care every time you visit.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to selecting professional hair care products in Perth, it’s crucial to know your specific hair type and concerns. A qualified hair care professional can help you determine your hair’s condition and recommend the perfect products required to restore and nourish your hair. By using products that cater to your individual needs and desired outcomes, you can achieve healthier and more beautiful hair.

Whether you have curly hair, specific concerns, or prefer ethical and sustainable choices, there are options available in Perth to help you achieve your hair care goals effectively. Choose wisely and enjoy the benefits of using high-quality hair care products. Contact us here today!