As we all know, the Australian summer has a knack for turning hair into a frizzy, dry, and sun-damaged disaster. We’ve all been there, and it’s not a pretty sight, nor does it feel particularly wonderful. That’s why we’re here to arm you with the knowledge and tools necessary to combat the harshest elements of an Australian summer. We’ll be discussing the essential care tips, the best products to use, and the importance of keeping your hair well-hydrated during these blazing months. There’s much to unfold about maintaining that vibrant, healthy hair while basking in the Aussie summer sun. Please always be skin safe…and hair safe too!

Key Takeaways

  • Contact Hair Services offers a variety of courses to educate professionals in the industry.
  • Our brand emphasises the importance of education and knowledge in the craft of hairstyling.
  • The Aware Method Philosophy by Renato De Felice is a working method dedicated to improving stylists’ and educators’ theoretical, practical, and sensorial knowledge.
  • Contact Hair Services offers over 15 ranges of hair care products to cater to different needs, including Ethe vegan friendly hair care products and some excellent hair protectors and nourishers especially helpful when exposed to the sun.

Understanding Australia’s Extreme Heat

Navigating the relentless and unforgiving Australian summer heat requires a robust understanding of its effects on our hair and the necessary steps to protect and nourish it during this harsh season. Sun exposure can lead to hair damage, with effects ranging from dryness to pigment loss. At our shampoo shop in Perth, we offer a range of hair care products designed to counter these effects. Our helpful product line-up includes detox hair spray, anti-frizz hair care products, and vegan hair care products, all available in Australia.

To manage the impact of humidity, we’d recommend our anti-humidity hair spray. We’re committed to providing hair products that ensure your hair remains healthy and vibrant, despite the heat.

Impact of Australia’s Heat on Hair Health

Building on our understanding of Australia’s extreme heat, let’s now examine its specific impact on hair health. The intense heat can lead to dry, brittle hair and an itchy scalp, with conditions like psoriasis being exacerbated.

Various treatments, like Emsibeth Keyliss keratin treatment products Perth, can help protect and rejuvenate hair. Hair smoothing creams are also effective in combating frizz caused by humidity. Ammonia-free hair colouring is a staple from Emsibeth and a popular option for maintaining vibrant hair in the harsh sun and are excellent hair strengtheners.

To help deal with Australian specific challenges, consider our EMSIBETH REFRESH course (part of the EMSIBETH ASSIST program 2024) which gives an in-depth understanding of the complete Emsibeth range.

Hair IssueTreatment ProductAvailable At
Dry, Brittle HairEthe’ nutritiveHair Shop Perth
Frizzy HairArpege Smoothing CreamHair Shop Perth
Dull ColourAmmonia Free Hair ColouringHair Shop Perth
Itchy ScalpThermal RangeHair Shop Perth
PsoriasisThermal RangeHair Shop Perth

Essential Australian Hair Care Tips

To keep your hair healthy and vibrant in the Australian summer heat, it’s essential to follow certain hair care tips and routines.

Let’s explore four effective strategies:

  1. Protection from Sun Damage: Use hats or hair products with UV protection to shield your hair from harmful rays. Use Emsibeth Thermal Sun Hair Protector Spray.
  • Hair Washing Routine: Shampoo daily with your specific Emsibeth shampoo to keep hair and scalp cleansed. Scalps in particular sweat more during the summer months.
  • Regular cutting: Cut your hair frequently to prevent split ends and manage growth, which accelerates in the heat.
  • Hydration: Drink plenty of water and cooling fluids to maintain hair health from within. Use Emsibeth MYTEN LEAVE-IN MASK SPRAY.

Choosing the Right Hair Products for Heat

While shielding your hair from the sun and maintaining a healthy hair care routine is key, it’s equally important to select the right products that can withstand the Australian summer heat. We recommend Emsibeth Thermal products that contain thermal water, known for its soothing and vitalising effects on hair. These products contain vital elements like calcium, bicarbonate, and magnesium that help balance and purify your hair, while also offering protection against pollution. Opt for haircare ranges that focus on scalp health and well-being, with ingredients such as detoxifying clay and essential oils. Remember, each hair type has unique needs, so choose from the various families of bioactive thermal water formulas, each designed to address specific hair concerns.

Maintaining Hair Health Post Heat Exposure

After a long, sun-soaked day, your hair’s health may take a hit, but don’t fret, we’ve got some effective ways to restore and maintain it post heat exposure.

  1. Scalp Massage: Use Thermal Mud Baths to soothe scalps.
  2. Damage Repair Shampoo and Conditioner: These products restore strength and moisture to heat-damaged hair, resulting in a smooth and healthy mane.
  3. Use Cold water: Hair loves cold water especially in summer!
  4. Hair Serum After Wash: Applying a nourishing serum on damp hair repairs weakened strands and enhances shine. Serums also feed the hair with the appropriate protein to maintain strength.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’d recommend the Emsibeth Thermal Sun line, specifically the Restoring Mask and Protective Spray. They’re perfect for restoring hair health and protecting against heat damage, which is common in Australia’s harsh summer climate. The Emsibeth Thermal range also has some skin products to protect and soothe scalp and body.

How Does the Australian Summer Heat Specifically Affect Different Hair Types and Colours?

In the fierce Australian summer, various hair types and colours endure unique challenges. Fine hair may weaken, coloured hair can fade, while curly locks might frizz. We’ll examine the effects and offer protective strategies.

Are There Any Specific Hair Treatments or Salon Services That Can Provide Additional Protection Against Heat Damage?

Yes, we offer specialised treatments that provide extra protection against heat damage. These include deep conditioning masks, keratin treatments, and heat protectant sprays, which all aid in maintaining healthy hair during high temperatures.

How Does the Aware Method Philosophy by Renato De Felice Apply to Hair Care During Extreme Heat Conditions?

Renato De Felice’s Aware Method Philosophy is dedicated to helping stylists build practical looks which are easy to maintain. People tend to want ‘easier’ hair during the summer months.


So, as the Aussie sun blazes overhead, remember, your hair’s vitality is in your hands. Picture smooth, lustrous locks, shimmering under the sizzling sun, defying the extremes of our climate. With the right knowledge, the proper products, and a dash of care, your tresses can thrive, even in the fiercest heat. So, let’s embrace our Australian summer, and let our hair shine as bright as our sun-soaked beaches. Because, together, we can defy the heat and remain beautifully vibrant.

Our knowledge is in your hair.