Educated hands are the key to successful image making. Education has always been a main priority of Contact Hair Services, also companies we previously belonged to whilst living and working in Italy. When setting up Contact Hair Services we knew it was fundamental to select and represent a high quality brand to ensure continuous and long term relationships with our future salon, barbers, hairdresser, hairstylist, colourists, cosmetology and spaclients. This belief and requirement of a quality product led us tour Emsibeth brand.

Contact Hair Services are extremely proud to be the first country selected as importers of Emsibeth products, introducing them to the Australian marketplace and we have never looked back. With the success of the quality of Emsibeth we knew it was then time to consolidate our educational system, the fruit of our Italian experience from the mid early 90’s to the end of the 2000’s where we covered countless courses, hair seminars etc throughout the whole of Italy onto Europe and even some Asian countries too. This experience taught us the importance of quality education and to have a system which was able to speak one universal language.

We too had experienced poor quality hair courses which lacked clarity and did not deliver concrete concepts for my salon and team. This is exactly what we DIDNOT want to do for Contact Hair Services Education therefore a concrete working method, system and language was born and has been used ever since we started our first courses in Perth, Western Australia. The Aware Method Philosophy is dedicated to the hair professionals. It has become a vital tool within many salons across Perth and is now spreading into the regional areas of Western Australia and even further across the borders of Australia.

The Aware Method Philosophy is the fruit of an extraordinary team set up in Italy in the early 2000’s. Contact Hair Services has worked hard to evolve and simplify its understanding and concept. It focuses on three very important levels of knowledge: Theoretical, Practical and most importantly Sensorial Knowledge. The human element of our craft has always fascinated me even more than a beautiful haircut. We focus more on the approach of the professional, his/her language, the sensitivity of knowledgeable touch, the ability to follow procedure and many more concepts which help raise awareness, target weak points and find concrete solutions.

The tools within the Aware Method Philosophy are fundamental for concrete growth of the participant and consequently their team. The Aware Method Philosophy can also prepare you for stage performances and to eventually become an educator of our craft.

Contact Hair Services’ Cutting Courses are designed to help the participant bring new, beautiful looks to their salons and to continuously evolve ensuring a fresh new experience to their clientele. Below is a list of a few of the courses which are held by Contact Hair Services. All courses and concepts are designed by Renato De Felice our in house educator and part owner of the company. We are also believers of the importance of in-salon training and providing assistance to any type of salon training request.

Aware Program

Contact hair Services’ Aware Program is a selective in depth stylistic training course with the aim of preparing hairdressers to become stylists and/or educators. Become the best you can be by improving the sensitivity of your hands and heart. Learn to be more concrete with your approach and strengthen your communication. Improve and simplify your knowledge with the Aware Working Method Philosophy by Renato De Felice.

3 Session Cut

The acquisition of the three main categories of in-salon cutting. The three cuts presented within this training program are ‘concept’ cuts therefore aim to become the base of many other cuts and forms which can be easily achieved by slightly altering certain aspects and steps of the original procedure. All 3 session cut can be successfully executed in maximum 15 minutes enabling stylists to become concretely quicker without penalising quality. Method, techniques and concepts are all exclusive to the Aware Method Philosophy and designed by Renato De Felice.

Emsibeth Trend Extreme

The Emsibeth Artistic Team directed by Renato De Felice invite you to experience their inspirational theoretical and practical TREND EXTREME collection cut and colour course.

You will be given the opportunity to come into contact with our unique philosophy and approach to educating your hands and expanding your skills.Learn new cutting and colouring techniques in a step by step presentation that delivers an insight into our latest collection which will assist you in the creation of credible looks for your salon.

Emsibeth Assist

Educational program dedicated to supporting your Emsibeth salon. Emsibeth Assist evolves every year according to the market’s needs helping your salon and team members to be continuously updated. Be informed of the newest product arrivals, colouring techniques and cutting techniques.

Read more about our education on the Contact Hair Services website here.