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CHS is the exclusive importer of EMSIBETH COSMETICS ITALY and combine this with an advanced education program, concentrating on superior use of the craft and product.


A complete professional hair care range designed and made in Italy. The company is based in Verona Italy and is lead by very experienced and inspirational professionals. The EMSIBETH mission is to make a distinctive contribution to the improvement and promotion of well being throughout the world.

What is your mission?

Our mission is to support professional hairdressers and their salons who aim to lift their quality, image and ability by continuously engaging them through inspirational stylistic training. CHS also aims to help the professional hairdressers become more able with their hands, consequently improving the standard of service within their salons. CHS also pays particular attention to the needs and goals of individual salons, recognising that every salon has its own identity, requiring a personalised approach. CHS MISSION is simple; VISION + EMOTION + EDUCATION

Where is EMSIBETH made?

All our products are designed and made in Italy. EMSIBETH COSMETICS is based in the northern part of Italy in the beautiful city of Verona.

What is the main characteristic of your range?

We would definitely have to class our high protein content as the main characteristic of the range. Emsibeth is light weight, very safe and easy to use. The complete range is not too big nor too small therefore easy for salon owners to stock and above all very easy for final clients to relate to the range. Definitely a simple and straight forward range for all users.

Is your range safe?

Completely! We have ammonia free colours which give real results. Most of our range is sulphate and paraben free. Emsibeth is now working on removing sulphates and parabens to the few products left consisting of these ingredients. We also have a unique family of products (thermal range) which contain natural spring water from Giunone, Verona Italy.

Do you have any ammonia free products?

Yes. Our ammonia free colour is oil based and is permanent and semi permanent. Great coverage and long lasting.

Are sulphates, parabens etc present in your product range?

Our range is mostly sulphate and paraben free. There are only a few items which are now being formulated therefore it won’t be long for the complete EMSIBETH range to sulphate and paraben free.

Is it a complete range?

Yes. You can be as technical as necessary or as artistic as desired!

What type of education do you provide?

Our education is personalised according to your needs. It is dedicated to the professional who desires to improve and grow. We have product education and salon support but above all we provide high quality education of the craft. All our educational courses, seminars etc are designed by our stylistic director|educator Renato De Felice and are delivered according to the AWARE WORKING METHOD by Renato De Felice. EMSIBETH ASSIST EMSIBETH TREND EXTREME EMSIBETH SEMINAR CONTACT AWARE PROGRAM IN SALON PRODUCT SUPPORT

What is the AWARE WORKING METHOD by Renato De Felice?

This is a philosophy and method designed by Renato De Felice. It is dedicated to improving your approach to the craft blending theoretical, practical and above all sensorial knowledge. The AWARE aims to help you become more concrete and simple. It also aims to improve your terminology and simply become more professional and effective either on the salon floor or on a stage. The AWARE is for all professionals of all levels.

When do I receive my EMSIBETH product order?

Order before 1pm and you’ll receive your Emsibeth order the next day.

What do your 3 symbols represent?

VISION | EMOTION | EDUCATION These are the three main elements which represent our role on the market.

Who is responsible for your education?

Renato De Felice is our stylistic director|educator therefore designs all our collections and educational programs.

Who are the people behind CONTACT HAIR SERVICES?

The De Felice family established CHS in 2004 following 10 years of success working in the international hair arena throughout Europe. Focused primarily on the Italian market, the family’s work involved salon ownership, international product distribution, product manufacturing, stylistic education and team construction. They also participated and exhibited at the COSMOPROF ITALY INTERNATIONAL EXPO numerous times, supporting various product companies and presenting live seminars and shows. Mario De Felice managing director Renato De Felice stylistic director|educator Domenico De Felice W.A. state manager