Welcome to the new generation of professional hair colour: CROMAKEY-INMULTIBENEFIT by Emsibeth. Made in Italy.

We at Contact Hair Services Pty. Ltd. (CHS) have always aimed for maximum quality, accessibility and simplicity within our educational systems and product ranges. Emsibeth Cosmetics ticked all the right boxes and consequently CHS was made the exclusive importer of the brand Emsibeth for over 17 years. We have been very pleased of our selection and knew it was our opportunity for a long term relationship which would ensure high quality to salons and hairdressers of Australia.

Emsibeth presents the newest generation ever of treatment colours! Thanks to the exclusive intense COLOUR SYSTEM TECHNOLOGY which is the core of the formulation and high performance in terms of intensity and coverage. Cromakey-In Multibenefit is a blend of elite ingredients which moisturise and repair the hair fibre while giving long lasting effects with no fading. The hair becomes easier to manage, knot free and extra shiny.

We’ve always admired how the Emsibeth colour range can allow hairdressers to be as technical as needed and/or as artistic as desired! It is the perfect two, to have in any kind of hair salon and is extraordinary to use when preparing for hair shows, seminars, courses etc.

The Essential Micro-pigments are the secret of the Intense Colour System. The micro-pigments penetrate deeper into the hair shaft with an improved anchorage helping the colour last longer and give 100% white hair coverage.

The Emsibeth fragrance is subtle and salon friendly ensuring a pleasant colour service. It is also very gentle on the scalp and respects skin sensitivities. Non staining on the skin and very easy to rinse. The protein in the exclusive Emsibeth colour formula makes hair stronger and is always well protected.


The answer is 11.

  1. Deep hydration
  2. Extra shine
  3. New generation formula
  4. Extra softness
  5. Manageable and easy to comb
  6. Silkiness
  7. Full coverage
  8. Delicate on scalp and hair
  9. Bright and shiny. Maximum intensity
  10. No fading. Long lasting results
  11. Easy to apply


Multibenefit Cromakey – has always been Vegan Friendly and thanks to the innovative

Intense Colour System and Reflex Technology, it is an absolutely successful formulation

which has been chosen by hairstylists 2.5 million times for 5 million colour services performed. Magnificent results backed up by an innovative company consisting of professionals devoted to high quality, sustainability and simplicity.

We at Emsibeth desire and work for a greener world! The recycling aspect is also a major feature which is carried throughout the whole Emsibeth range.

  • Colour tubes are recyclable and made of 100% recycled aluminium.
  • Boxes are recyclable and made of 100% recycled FSC cardboard.
  • Colour tube caps are recyclable and made of 95% recycled plastic.
  • Leaflets and packaging: FSC paper

An FSC™ certification ensures that the wood is sourced from forests that are responsibly managed in the most environmentally sustainable way possible, including water and energy use, as well as the end product’s overall environmental rating.

The unique EMSIBETH REFLEX TECHNOLOGY is second to none. Everything is enhanced by a high level of protection and shine. REFLEX TECHNOLOGY is a double-faceted special light. A first highlight shines on the hair surface, the second intense and bright highlight reaches the heart of hair, ensuring total brightness. The hair reflects the light, the colouring is bright, shiny and multi-faceted giving depth to all colours.

We’re very excited to announce that Emsibeth will soon be launching new support material for all hair salons and hair educators. All new images are created by the Emsibeth International Artistic Team and consistof the following:

  • Colour chart with new shades
  • Window posters
  • Framed picture set
  • Desk display
  • Social media kits

Emsibeth CromakeyIn Multibenefit colouring system is having huge success across Italy and is now very much loved in 30+ countries!Hair salons of all sizes and top stylists are choosing Emsibeth all over the world! The results speak for themselves!

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