Ever dreamed of becoming the best hairdresser in Perth but need help figuring out where to start?

Choosing the right hairdressing course is crucial if you want to turn your passion for hairstyling into a rewarding career. There are plenty of options in Perth, but finding the best course that suits your goals and aspirations can make all the difference. Here is how to choose the perfect hairdressing course in Perth to set you on the path to success.

1. Hairdressing Course Accreditation and Reputation

Seek Professional Advice
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It is vital to verify that the hairdressing school you choose is properly accredited and has a strong reputation within the industry. Accredited hairdressing schools teach modern trends and offer continuing education. Look for positive student testimonials, industry partnerships, and scholarship opportunities. These factors confirm that you will receive high-quality training that prepares you for a successful career in hairdressing.

2. Hairdressing Course Curriculum and Specialisations

A hairdressing course’s curriculum and specialisations are vital factors you must consider, guaranteeing the program aligns with your career aspirations and equips you with the necessary skills to excel in the industry. Evaluate the instructional quality, learning environment, program flexibility, student-teacher ratio, and hands-on experiences offered.

A well-rounded curriculum should cover essential skills like cutting, colouring, styling, and treatments, with specialisation options.

3. Hairdressing Course Practical Experience

Hairdressing Course Practical Experience
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Make sure that the hairdressing course provides practical experience. You will gain real-world experience in in-house salons, working with diverse clients and honing your skills. Client interaction and time management are also crucial, as you will learn to work efficiently under pressure. Hands-on training is essential for developing your expertise and preparing you for a successful hairdressing career in Perth and beyond.

4. Experienced Hairdressing Instructors

Renato De Felice - Experienced Hairdressing Instructor at Contact Hair Services
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Experienced hairdressing instructors are the backbone of any top hairdressing course in Perth. They provide excellent training opportunities and valuable industry connections.

When choosing a hairdressing course in Perth, inquire about the instructor’s teaching methodology, feedback mechanisms, and class sizes. Smaller classes allow for more personalised attention and hands-on learning. You will gain the skills and confidence to excel in your hairdressing career with the right hair instructors.

5. Hairdressing Course Duration and Flexibility

Another factor is that you want to examine the duration and flexibility of the hairdressing program to confirm that it aligns with your goals and fits your lifestyle. Consider the program structure and scheduling options, such as full-time, part-time, or evening classes, to achieve a study-life balance. Flexible learning opportunities and intensive coursework can help you tailor your education to your aspirations.

6. Cost for Hairdressers

When comparing costs, request a tuition breakdown and inquire about payment plans if available. Feel free to ask hairdressing schools about opportunities and other assistance. If you do not ask, you do not get it.

7. Hairdressing Course Job Placement Assistance

Always look for programs or courses that offer career counselling, mentorship programs, and alums networking. Hairdressing schools with solid industry partnerships can provide valuable opportunities for job shadowing and hands-on experience. Choosing a course with thorough job placement support can give you a head start in your hairdressing career, big time!

Top Hairdressing Course in Perth – Contact Hair Services

Top Hairdressing Course in Perth – Contact Hair Services
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Now that you have discovered the factors for choosing the best hairdressing course in Perth, let us move on to the top hairdressing school in Perth – no other than Contact Hair Services.

With a fantastic reputation for excellence, we offer an extensive curriculum course that covers all aspects of hairdressing, from cutting and styling to colouring and client consultation. We offer the most comprehensive and highly regarded hairdressing course in Perth, setting the gold standard for aspiring hairstylists.

Now, let us explore what Contact Hair Services has to offer:

1. Contact Aware Program

Based on Renato De Felice’s groundbreaking Aware Method Philosophy, you are about to commence a transformative journey with Contact Hair Services Aware Program.

As always, this hairdressing program will strengthen your ability to understand and fulfil each client’s vision through a concrete and intentional approach.

The Aware Method Philosophy – Renato De Felice

Renato De Felice’s game-changing AWARE method philosophy will transform how you approach hairdressing, revealing your full potential as a stylist. This innovative approach equips you with the skills to create on-trend, personalised styles while considering sustainability and effective client communication and the best part? You will gain invaluable insights into innovative techniques, salon management, and career advancement opportunities, setting you apart in the competitive hairdressing industry in Perth and beyond.

2. 3 Session Cut

Are you seeking a versatile, efficient haircut that suits your style and needs? Contact Hair Services 3-Session Cut offers three options tailored to your hair length and desired look. These are the Medium to Long Hair Lightweight Form, Medium to Length Mid Weight Form and last but not least is the Short Hair Multi Weight Form. Whether you prefer lightweight layers for flowing medium to long hair, a graduated mid-weight bob, or a multi-dimensional cut for structured short styles, the three 3-session cut has you covered.

3. Emsibeth Trend Extreme

If you seek to push your hairdressing skills to the next level, the Emsibeth Trend Extreme event is an unmissable opportunity to learn from the best in the industry. You will gain exposure to innovative techniques and philosophies through hands-on training led by Renato De Felice. Industry partnerships and post-graduate support can open doors to global career opportunities and continuing education.

4. Emsibeth Assist 2024

Another hairdressing course we offer at Contact Hair Services is Emsibeth’s Assist 2024 program. Mark your calendar for the Evolved Bob Technique session on Monday, 15th July, and the Aware Techniques Cutting Session on Monday, 16th September.

5. Collection Cutting

Every hairdresser needs stylistic direction…this is the course for you!

Contact Hair Service’s upcoming Collection Cutting event, a one-day intensive course, will happen on August 19th, 2024. You will learn innovative techniques from the Emsibeth International Artistic Team and expert Renato De Felice, empowering you to stay ahead of industry trends and elevate your salon operations. Invest in your professional development and master fresh looks to strengthen client relationships for just $275. Click here for more info.

6. Emsibeth Elite Program

Few hairdressing courses offer the depth and expertise you will find in the Emsibeth Elite Program, a transformative 6-session journey that will elevate your skills and confidence as a stylist. With an outstanding industry reputation and glowing alum feedback, this hairdressing course combines practical demonstrations and personalised guidance in a supportive classroom environment, ensuring you master cutting, colouring, smoothing, and optionally perming techniques.

Meet Renato De Felice

Meet Renato De Felice
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Renato De Felice is a visionary master stylist revolutionising the hair industry. With his innovative stylist philosophy, the Aware Method, Renato aims to provide a transformative learning experience. His international artistic talent and elite program vision make him the ideal mentor to guide you through a career-shaping education that will elevate your skills if you enrol in any of the hairdressing courses at Contact Hair Services.


You are now equipped with the knowledge to choose the best hairdressing course in Perth. Consider accreditation, curriculum, practical experience, qualified instructors, and excellent facilities.

Explore programs like Emsibeth Assist 2024, Collection Cutting, and the Emsibeth Elite Program by Perth’s Best Hairdressing Courses offered by Contact Hair Services. Do not forget to learn from industry experts like Renato De Felice, an absolute must for any hairdresser in Perth.

With the right course, you will be on your way to a successful career in hairdressing. Invest in your future and make your dreams a reality. Contact us here today!