Frizzy hair is everyone’s worst nightmare. Imagine waking up after your hair wash only to find that your hair is back to being dry and frizzy. You don’t want to spend an hour every day to tame the frizz so if you are looking for a helping hand, we have a few ideas!Meanwhile, get started on your journey to meet your hair goals with the right hair care products Perth by Contact Hair Services. Our exciting range of anti-frizz hair care products in Australia ensures you never worry about frizz ruining your look of the day. Made in Italy, high quality and available right here in Perth, Australia and New Zealand.

How to Manage Frizzy Hair— Tips by Expert Stylists 

Whether you are looking for an instant and/or a long-lasting fix, we can help tame your unruly and frizzy hair.

1. Buy An Anti-Humidity Hair Spray

Humidity is your hair’s biggest enemy, especially if it’s prone to frizz. When the moisture content in the air rises above the moisture content in your hair, the humidity seeps into your hair strands and messes up the bond arrangement, leading to the unruly, frizzy look.An instant fix to this problem is an anti-humidity hair spray. Unlike a traditional hair spray that holds the strands in its place, an anti-humidity spray creates a hydrophobic layer over your hair to prevent atmospheric moisture from entering your hair cuticles. Try out our HUMIDITY PROOF SPRAY part of the Emsibeth styling range HULAHOOP and another beauty is the BIPHASIC COMPLEX heat protector spray.The best part is these sprays can last up to 24 hours, giving you a neat and flawless hairstyle without frizz.

2. Blow Dry Carefully.

Sometimes your hair might not be prone to frizzing but your blow drying approach could be drying your hair out or inviting frizz. Many people may rush certain aspects of a blow dry which can make hair dull and frizzy.It all begins from your manual work when washing your hair. Shampoo should not be a scrubbing action but a fast-paced circular massage ESPECIALLY FOR FRIZZY HAIR! Any scrubbing of the scalp will irritate the skin and frizz your hair. Be gentle and apply good pressure in order to help increase blood flow which in return keeps hair healthy. Always apply a conditioner or mask to treat the hair and above all help seal the cuticle layer. Emsibeth has many anti frizz options however the most recommended for frizzy hair is the KEYLISS range.Keep blow drying simple. Let the heat and your hands do the work by keeping the dryer parallel with the brush as you work down the hair shaft. Avoid shaking and moving the hair and give each movement a purpose. Before using a brush blot dry hair to help avoid frizz and apply MYTEN MULTIACTION SPRAY to best prepare your hair before blow drying. Comb out knots with ease thanks to MYTEN SPRAY. Definitely use an anti-frizz smoothing cream before proceeding with blow dry. ARPE’GE SMOOTHING CREAM is ideal and lightweight to support you drying and combat frizz.When hair is 80% dry spray the Emsibeth heat protector BIPHASIC COMPLEX which will nourish, protect and keep your hair frizz free. Reapply the spray if using irons afterwards or during the week.

3. In salon intense treatment.

There are numerous treatments however ensure you receive a treatment which nourishes hair, balances moisture and above all protects your hair from frizz. Go beyond a superficial moisturising treatment and aim for a proper hair filler such as the Emsibeth HAIR FILLER part of our exclusive THERMAL range which contains certified spring water. Once treatment is applied and rested for 15 minutes, your stylist will then rinse thoroughly and if necessary, leave a little in the hair in most severe cases. A good stylist knows how much to leave in hair and how much to rinse out. Stylist will then proceed with the drying and will compact treatment into the hair shaft by using irons and a sealing serum ARPE’GE SHINE OIL

4. Keratin Treatment. Long lasting or light version. Your choice.

Getting a keratin treatment in Perth is a good idea to give you a longer lasting effect. Keratin is a naturally produced protein that keeps our nails, skin and hair strong and healthy. The complete Emsibeth KEYLISS range is equipped with keratin and is at your frizzy hair’s service!In a professional keratin treatment, this protein is added externally and then sealed into your hair strands with a flat iron. The duration of the treatment depends on the type of application. Emsibeth has a few different options/keratin services. The extremely popular ARP KERATIN FUSION is applied with a special air brush therefore needing only 5 minutes. Quick, efficient and gives you 4 weeks of frizz free hair. Ideal for all hair types needing to reduce frizz. Ask your Emsibeth stylist for more details!The other popular keratin service is more permanent and allows you to straighten and smooth your hair in more depth therefore giving you up to three months of frizz free hair. Your hair becomes easier to manage and takes less time to dry and style. Hair is left feeling extraordinary. This service application is 2-3 hours depending on hair type and length.Please ensure you use a sulphate free shampoo in order to maximise the duration of your treatment. Our complete Emsibeth range is sulphate free therefore any shampoo will be ok however the recommended range is the EMSIBETH KEYLISS.

5. Everyday Maintenance

No matter how much you spend on hair treatment products in Perth, there will only be a long-lasting effect if you take some time out of your daily schedule for regular maintenance. This includes using a nice hair serum to untangle the knots, conditioning every time you shampoo, wearing loose hairstyling and protecting your hair while sleeping.The right set of hair care products in Perth and a consistent routine is the only way to achieve lasting frizz-free hair.

Bottom Line 

Contact Hair Services based in Perth, Australia are the importers of Emsibeth and are fully stocked with all products to support your hair at home. Say goodbye to frizzy hair and remember to use your selected product correctly and in conjunction with careful manual work. If you have any questions or whish to become a distributor, please contact us.