Hair styling is a profession where you only get one shot to make an impression on your clients. A botched job and you might lose a customer forever and that’s why it’s important to hone your skills and ensure you go in with your best game to make a lasting impression and win a hair client for a lifetime. Not sure how you can reach your pro game? Today Contact Hair and Emsibeth will discuss the top 5 essentials to being a hair stylist pro.  

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5 Essentials of Being a Hair Stylist Professional 

Here is what you need to make it big in the Australian hair styling industry: 

1. Choosing the Right Products  

Every hair type requires a certain product composition and as a stylist, it’s your job to know what products will suit them. Products are essential tools for the hair stylist’s hands. The product can also help boost productivity. It is important to learn how to correctly use products and above all how to communicate the necessary information to the client. Product companies like Emsibeth continuously evolve therefore be informed and select the appropriate range for your hands and clients. 

Emsibeth offers a genuine quality product range with vegan-free, ammonia-free, sulphate free and paraben-free options. Emsibeth is also a BENEFIT CORPORATION that is dedicated to sustainability and a greener planet.   

If you’re not sure where to begin – attend haircutting training in Perth. Learn from the hair experts to learn the correct methods or simply add to your skills and variety.   

2. Getting Started with a Hair Cutting Course 

One of the most challenging aspects of hair styling is hair cutting since you only have one chance. Hair cutting is not only about learning to scissor off the extra lengths or doing a particular style. Our course teaches you about maximising your client’s hair’s potential, safeguarding the hair from harm, promoting healthy hair development without reducing hair length, and much more. 

Not sure where to find the best Barber and Hair Cutting Course in Perth? We have the perfect solution for you. Contact Hair Services offers a diverse range of haircutting courses. Starting from a beginner three-session cut to advanced hairstyles, collection designing and the opportunity to become an educator of our craft. We offer everything you want to learn at Contact Hair Services

3. Master the Art of Hair Colour  

Hair colouring might look like the easiest aspect of hair styling. The growing number of DIY hair colouring kits and videos online has led us to believe that hair colouring is child’s play. But a professional can quickly identify the difference between an expert-done colour and an amateurish job. Colour is a magnificent element and requires scientific knowledge blended with an artistic flair! 

Colour services come in many shapes and sizes therefore your preparation is the pinnacle. 

Learn a proper method that will remain with you throughout all of your careers. Enrol in a quality Perthhair colouring course if you want to pursue hair styling seriously. 

4. Getting Hair Certified  

Getting certified is not just about learning the skills (although it’s very important). It’s also about building your reputation which is essential to help you discover new opportunities. Stand out with confidence! 

Certificates will also help you win more clients. The more you can prove your expertise, the better your reputation. The first step is to find a quality salon to begin your apprenticeship and get started with TAFE to learn the trade. The next step is to have a great attitude and work hard to chase your dream of becoming a hairstylist. Never be afraid to invest in yourself. Your hands are your most important tools. Looking for a helpful course? Check out Contact Hair Services courses. Designed by professionals, it’s anall-in-one course to take your haircutting game to the next level.  

5. Learn the Business Side of Hairstyling Pro

Hair styling is a rather competitive business. Learning to cut and style one’s hair alone will not do. If you want to make it big in this industry, you must also master the managerial aspect of the hair styling industry.  

At Contact Hair Services, we teach you all the tricks and tips that will give you an edge over your competitors. From handling your clients the right way to delivering world-class service that will turn your first-time visitors into lifetime fans, we know what it takes to make it big in this industry, and we are here to teach you that. It all starts from YOU.  

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Bottom Line 

Being a successful hair stylist has a lot to do with your passion, but in today’s competitive world, it takes more than passion to reach your A-level game. It can be an overwhelming experience, but your hair dreams are just a few steps away with the right assistance and professional hair guidance.  

Sign up for our haircutting courses, learn from the experts and bring your pro-level game to your next hair appointment. 

Feel your craft.