An ever changing mood determines the 2018 feeling by expressing freedom, versatility and individuality.Lightweight structures dominate the main part of the form grounded by exclusive defined areas.Build feature points within your structure to enhance personalisation.Heavy and light meet methodically tamed and emotionally coloured.Softness prevails via musky reflections. Insert orange to reflections to slightly warm form. Hidden feature colour areas are a must to ensure personalisation and excite hair flow.Society’s repetitive volatile direction brings an unstable mood yet a greater desire to seAim to soften the jagged effects of a volatile market. Use the softness of orange and yellow to unify the volatile structure.Desire to see. Desire to succeed. Desire to stand out in a collective and uniforming world.Proportion gives opportunity to expression. It is essential to determine how light you build your form and how much of it is to be grounded by weight. Determine this by distinguishing the individual mood.Feel your craft. Live your salon.